The Question: Why this art is the best one in the whole world?

The Answer: First of all - it is the last fundamental discovery in the field of Art and for the second it is the most significant discovery.

The Question: Why is a discovery considered to be the criterion of the art?

The Answer: Because the discovery determines a greatness of any artist. An eminent artist makes a discovery but the others only repeat it. All the classics whose pictures are presented in the museums made some discoveries.

The Question: Why "the most significant"?

The Answer: The thing is that the main task of every artist is to create a new visual form; they are a new spot or a new line. In these pictures they are even connected, that is the color is expressed by the line.

The Question: You say that it is the best art but why it is not recognized by artistic community that is by your colleagues?

The Answer: A level of genius is considered to be higher than a level of professionals, not to mention some amateurs. I am a genius, I have changed the fundamental visual forms, and I have drawn color.
I was the first who determined the painting and the drawing through the psychological perception (no through material), that is - "the painting" is a some flat surface without any graphic elements and "the drawing" is any sorts of moving. Nobody of any professionals has been ready to perceive a pure surface and a pure line without layers and relief, so they believe that my pictures are very simple but I think all other pictures are foolish and overloaded. And it is the truth. Then, I have defined the main tasks for every artist that is obtaining a new surface as for painter and getting a new line as for draughtsman. Nobody of professionals can understand those tasks.
But one thing is to understand and entirely other one is to create! I have put the most impossible task before myself that is to express the color by the line in so doing to connect two fundamentals! And I have solved it! It might be the fantastic but I have done it.
There is an element of science here that is accordance between specific length and color. That accordance is beyond the limits of human feelings and I dont demand that any artistic community would understand it, but the professionals must have a feeling for the accordance between purity and energy of the surface and character of the line because it is the pure formalism! I hope that feeling would come gradually. As well as my works would be appreciated as maximum of human intellect at the present stage of its progress. Because the Art is a product of human intellect. The Art is a competition. If sports are a competition of physical bodies, the art is a competition of intellects. The drawn color is the maximum in Art! The best is impossible!

The Question: What people is your art intended for?

The Answer: Lets think, whom can the best works of the whole world be belonged to? Moreover, they are not so many. In such case, the category is determined not simply as "a masterpiece" but it is "the best" one. Besides the meaning of quality, the ambitions of supposed owner are also included here. It is clear that those are the best museums of the world. As for private owners, they must be as great outstanding persons as these works themselves.


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